Constantly varied, functional fitness program for your life.

Everything we do in the gym is meant to help you lead a fuller, healthier life. Whether you’re trying to balance out a sedentary desk job or have the energy to play with your kids and do your favorite activities, Summit’s programming will help you realize that goal. We focus on providing balanced workouts that increase your cardiovascular endurance while making you stronger and giving you more control over your body. Here’s how we do that:


Free Consultation

First things first, we want to know you and your goals. What’s your background with working out, and what do you want to achieve here? We’ll also take you through a short movement consultation so that we can individualize your program – giving you the best results while keeping you safe and allowing you to workout without any pain.


Trial Week

This week is where you get to try out Summit and all of our classes with zero strings attached. This will allow you to experience our gym, our community, and our programming to make a smart decision on if you want to be part of our Summit family.


Begin Your First Program

Your first program will be built based on what is discovered in your consultation and will be completed during group classes. This allows you to make friends in our community and build a routine of coming to class while still having the workouts individualized for your goals.


Review and Optimize

Every 12 weeks you will have a check-in with your Summit coaches to evaluate your progress and move your program as needed. As you accomplish your goals, this will be when you set new goals, go through your movement screen again to determine how you’re progressing, and switch up your plan. This keeps things fresh and allows you to continually progress with your health and fitness.

This program works because it is all centered on you.

Your goals, your background, your strengths, your limitations. It changes because your goals and abilities change. We want to iterate the plan to fit what you want to achieve and the process above makes that a reality. Now, it’s your turn to become the next success story.

“It’s a community. It’s friendship. It’s amazing coaching”

Ben came to use with reservations, but he took it a step at a time. He has since completed team competitions and has changed his life.

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Since 2015, we’ve helped Indianapolis become a healthier, happier city.

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