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Reverse the Effects of Sitting

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How to do Active Recovery

While I was still playing soccer at NC State, I noticed that during every Monday morning practice I would feel lethargic and really stiff, for no reason. Up until senior year, we had every Sunday off, so you would think that a day of lounging around the house and regrouping for the next week wouldread more...

Wandering Web – Food Plans and Fitness

  This article was a straightforward, easy to follow plan to consistently get healthy meals on the table for you and your family. Ashley does a great job of understanding that people have a busy life full of family, job, and extracurricular commitments, and makes meal planning actually make sense for once: http://youtrition.net/5-minute-menu-planning/?utm_source=Dan+John%27s+Wandering+Weights&utm_campaign=7690d7c6c6-DJWW04_04_2016&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_d663067162-7690d7c6c6-36710409&mc_cid=7690d7c6c6&mc_eid=d329dfda1a When weread more...

The Summit Strength Speed Training Guideline

There is not a sport in existence which dictates that an athlete would benefit from moving slower or being less explosive. Even golf, which many consider to be the ultimate mental over physical game, is seeing its best players become better and better athletes. However, increasing your speed is also one of the most difficultread more...

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