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The CrossFit Community

Yesterday afternoon, a box in Fishers, Body Evolution (BE) CrossFit, had their Grand Opening to the community. The owners of BECF, Amber and Patrick, invited Jason and me to come to the Grand Opening yesterday, so we took the journey across 465 and up 69 to see the space. First of all, the box isread more...

“CrossFit Will Make Me Bulky.”

I’ve heard the line, “CrossFit will make me bulky,” three times in the last week. Given the obvious prevalence of the statement among my friends, I thought a post about it would make sense. Here’s the truth: if YOU want to get bigger, CrossFit can and will do this for you. Here’s the second truth:read more...

CrossFit Workout 4-14-17

Jesus WOD: 14 Rounds for Time – 10 deadlifts (95/65) – 10 squat cleans (95/65) – 10 push-press (95/65) – 50 ft of walking lunges with barbell on back + walk back to starting point You may only deload the barbell from your control after rounds 3, 7, and 9. After each of these rounds,read more...

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