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CrossFit Workout of the Day: 8-28-19

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CrossFit vs OrangeTheory: Comparing and Contrasting Two Popular Fitness Options

On the surface, CrossFit and OrangeTheory may appear to be slightly similar. Both claim to get you into the best shape of your life. Both are boutique, group classes lead by an instructor. Both combine cardio, weights, and body weight movement into a workout program. In reality, CrossFit and OrangeTheory are extremely different workout optionsread more...

CrossFit Workout of the Day: 8-26-19

20 Minute AMRAP Buy In: 40 Back Squats AMRAP in time remaining: 10 Handstand Push Ups 15 Box Step Ups 200m Run Workout Purpose: This workout is meant to over-tax your legs, and then force you to complete moderate skill gymnastics movements under fatigue. Given the time of the AMRAP, this workout has a focusread more...

Why does CrossFit Cost so Much?

Here is a quick summary of a conversation I had with a client very recently. He was describing his friend’s reaction to his attending CrossFit with interest, but also skepticism due to the price. The question was actually, “Why does CrossFit cost so much? It is a great question, and one in this post I’llread more...

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