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Finding motivation through your values: Part 1

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How to make nutrition decisions

Will this supplement help me build muscle? Do I need to cut out grains in order to lose weight? Are all carbs bad? Should I be on a keto diet? These questions above are a sampling of the things I read and hear on a daily basis throughout Facebook, Instagram, and my email inbox. Iread more...

How to Evaluate and Make Progress Toward Your Goals

I feel like I’m working so hard, but I can’t tell if I’m getting any better. When I look in the mirror, it seems like maybe nothing has changed. Am I making progress? The number on the scale isn’t going in the direction I want – this obviously isn’t working for me. How many ofread more...

Why Do You Feel Guilty?

I honestly couldn’t come up with a great title for this post. This entire topic really stems from an ongoing fight I have against a lot of the predominant culture in our country. I say our country because I genuinely only see Americans struggling with this. When I was abroad in Europe, this wasn’t aread more...

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