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Overreaching in Your New Year’s Resolution

Every year it is so tempting. So tempting to say, “This is the year I finally make health and fitness my priority!” Or, “This is the year I give up sweets!” Or, “This is the year I drop all dairy from my diet for all 365 days!” Without getting into the specific benefits/drawbacks to anyread more...

New Year Workout Options

We’re in the first full week of a new year, and with that time comes the normal list of New Year’s resolutions – many of which center on getting in better shape. Thankfully, there are a ton of new year workout options for you to choose from given the popularity of fitness. This post willread more...

Nutrition: How You Should Eat for Workouts

Here is some good news for you: nutrition is not rocket science. But, that does not mean your nutrition is easy. Understanding how you should eat for workouts is certainly a task. Hopefully your gym or coach is giving you nutrition information anytime you ask, and even better if they have a nutrition program builtread more...

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