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Am I ready for CrossFit?

Am I ready for CrossFit?

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How environment dictates your outcomes

Recently in the gym, I had a member come up and say to me, “It is crazy how much this place – physically being here – impacts my effort. I don’t have to workout this hard to be simply healthy but when I come here pushing myself is so easy and is what I WANTread more...

Why we look for shortcuts

Yesterday night, one of my best friends sent me a text: “Joe why do you even do fitness coaching? Couldn’t you just sell the thigh eraser?” Attached to his text was a pretty hilarious – but unfortunately serious – video of a woman using a device called a “Thigh Eraser” which she claimed as theread more...

Heading Back to the Gym? Here’s What to Keep in Mind.

At long last, a lot of people are beginning to open their doors and to actually be allowed out of them. Restaurants are opening up at lower capacity, religious institutions are having people come back for in-person services, and slowly but surely gyms are making their way back into the everyday life. While I’ve neverread more...

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