Holiday Gift Guide for Your Fitness Friends

By: Gabi Bradley

Still trying to figure out what Christmas gift to get the fitness enthusiast in your life? I’ve got you covered with 20 gift ideas below! 


  1. Jump Rope. For your friends who have their double unders or are really close, I recommend the RPM Session4. If your friend is looking for something with a little less sting (we’ve all whipped ourselves before), I hear the Buddy Lee Aero Speed Jump Rope is a good alternative, and it’s a little cheaper.
  2. WOD Nation Resistance Bands. Cheap, portable, and versatile, resistance bands can be used as your main workout tool, to enhance your workout, or you can use them for mobility
  3. REP Fitness Sandbag. Sandbags are affordable and can be used anywhere. Plus it will allow your friend to practice new exercises that will carry over in the gym.
  4. Kettlebell or Dumbbell. Give the gift of working out from home or on-the-go. There are a lot of options depending on how much you want to spend. For instance, you’ll spend a bit on a bell from Kettlebell Kings, but you know it’s top-of-the-line. Or maybe you spring for an adjustable kettlebell because it’s like 6 kettlebells in 1. Also check out REP Fitness, Rogue, and Amazon.


  1. HercuLean Meal Prep. Give your friend a break from meal prepping and buy them a week’s worth of delicious lunches! HercuLean is local to Indianapolis, but they deliver all over the US (or you can support your own local meal prep store).
  2. Red Leaf Pre-Workout. If your friend is looking to try a natural pre-workout with moderate caffeine (40mg) and a great flavor, then this is it!
  3. FNX Rebalance Greens. If they struggle to get their daily greens, your friend will like these, I promise. I recommend Strawberry Dragonfruit.


  1. Chestee. If your friend wears a sports bra, then they need a Chestee. They and their collarbone will thank you. And don’t worry, Chestee also makes some awesome products for the fellas.
  2. Balega Running Socks. Designed for comfort and performance, show a little love to your friend’s feet for once.
  3. Hoodie/Tee/Hat. You can never go wrong by picking some simple apparel from your friend’s favorite brand.
  4. Running Shoes. Take your friend to your local running store so they can get properly fitted for some shoes. Then when they’ve found their perfect fit, slide ‘em a gift card to help cover the shoes.


  1. Lift Genie Thumb Tape or WOD and Done Hand Grips. Help save your friend’s raggedy, rough hands with either of these stocking stuffers. 
  2. Foam Roller/Trigger Ball. No need to go fancy here (unless you really want to). But we all have that one friend who could use a little help with their mobility and recovery. 
  3. Wrist Wraps. Give a little extra wrist support this holiday season.
  4. Chalk. Another awesome stocking stuffer for the weight lifter in your life. Nothing says “gym rat” more than one’s own chalk ball.
  5. Massage Gun. This one really requires some love, because while there are some less expensive options, there are few cheap quality options. I asked some different communities and the top choices were the Theragun and HyperIce HyperVolt.

Subscriptions/Gift Cards

You don’t have to support your friend for life. But you can get them started and help build some good habits by getting them a few months’ worth of a subscription.

  1. Whoop Membership. Gift your friend personal insights into their fitness, sleep, and recovery with the top fitness tracker on the market. And if your friend already has Whoop, go ahead and spice up their wardrobe with some new accessories.
  2. Animal Flow On-Demand. If you’ve followed me at all then you know a little bit about Animal Flow. This is great for your friends who are looking to improved their mobility, flexibility, coordination, and strength in a fun and interesting way!
  3. GoWOD/ROMWOD. Can’t really go wrong here, just consider how your friend wants to use it. I find GoWOD is great for specific mobility before and after my WODs; I enjoyed ROMWOD for the daily general stretches.
  4. It goes without saying that many of the items/companies listed above offer a gift card option. Don’t neglect the power of a gift card. Some other notables for gift cards include NOBULL, Lululemon, Nike, Dick’s Sporting Goods,or Spotify.


2020 has been a year where we’ve had to forego many of our normal experiences. While physical gifts are great, experiences are even better. So buy your friend that pass for that CrossFit, yoga, kickboxing, Animal Flow, pole dancing, or whatever class and GO WITH THEM! Try something or start something new together and let the memory be a gift that lasts a lifetime.

Happy holidays to you and yours!

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