How Running a Marathon is About More than Running

You Can Do Hard Things, Like Run a Marathon

By Gabi Bradley | Podcast

Life is full of hard things. 2020 has been no exception to this fact. Many have tried to learn lessons throughout this turbulent and disorderly year. Including Summit’s very own Kate and Kristen.

I have never run a marathon and have very little desire to do so. But I applaud (and wonder at) those who do. When I learned that Kate and Kristen were still going to run the Monument Marathon virtually, I knew they were going to be guests on Heavily Scaled.

The phrase "You can do hard things" has been pretty popular the last year or two. Preparing for and running your first marathon is definitely a hard thing. Add 2020 and virtual to that, and it becomes even harder. Hopefully, this conversation will inspire you to always remember that you can do hard things.

Listen to the Interview

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We Talk About:

  • Who Kristen and Kate are (and their pets)
  • How they found Summit and why they keep coming back
  • Their favorite and least favorite lifts 
  • A little Animal Flow plug and shoutout to LT
  • Changes they’ve seen in themselves since starting at CrossFit
  • Why they chose to run a marathon in the first place
  • How they prepared (or didn’t prepare) for the marathon
  • How they felt before, during, and after the race

Memorable Quotes

  • “And everybody was just so encouraging, and just made me feel like welcome to come at whatever level I could. And then, you know, kind of as an added bonus, everybody there also became like my closest group of friends.” - Kristen
  • “And the moment that I walked in, like I realized that whatever preconceived notion I had about who does CrossFit wasn't right, because there were people of all different ages, people, different body types, people of different races and different genders.” - Kate
  • “Things that are important for other people become important to the community.” - Kate
  • “There is such a feeling of accomplishment that you walk away with when you look at a workout and you're like, ‘I don't, I don't think that I can finish that.’ And then you see our whole community like cheering each other on. And at whatever scaled level, Rx, whatever, it doesn't matter.” - Kristen
  • “Back in December, my 7-month old nephew, we lost him to liver failure. I feel like he only got the opportunity to run a portion of his race. And so in his honor, I really wanted to run a full race, and I've only ever been brave enough to run a half.” - Kristen
  • “The joy of marathon training during Covid, if there is such a thing, is it helped me process through some of what was happening in a different way.” - Kate

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