Why Wait for COVID-19 to be Over?

I'll start on Monday.

After this vacation, I'll dial in my nutrition.

You know, I'd start now, but Thanksgiving is in three weeks and then it's Christmas time, so I'll just start in January.

After we get done with the COVID-19 quarantine, I will get focused on my fitness.

These are all the regular things I hear from people considering making a life changing decision and joining our gym - or from friends who live in different cities and are looking to join a gym in their town. I completely understand why it happens. Each new day, month, year, or season feels like a blank slate. You feel like you're able to wipe clean all the "mistakes" you've made in the past with your exercise or nutrition and start again.

Here's the truth: you're just delaying how quickly you'll get your goals.

If it's always later, it never happens.

Later just simply never, ever happens. When you wait to make a change in your life, you tend to put that change off. Let's face it - change is hard. Even positive change is tough to manage because more than likely you have built a life around your current habits.

Consider joining a gym. If your current habit is to wake up, have breakfast, go to work, come home at 5:00, hang out on the couch, eat dinner, hang out on the couch again, and then go to bed and repeat, changing that schedule to suddenly include a trip to a gym feels like a HUGE shift.

Similarly if you're trying to start a morning routine (check out three things to include in that routine if you're trying to do so) getting up 15 minutes earlier so you can have that time feels like a pretty tough transition. Choosing to meditate instead of checking social media right away can be even more of a drastic shift. We're simply creatures of habits and changing our habits takes a significant effort.

In a strange way, COVID is the best time to make a change.

As weird as this may be - it even was to me when I started considering it myself - this is the absolute best time in your entire life to make a big life change. Consider your daily schedule when you're not on quarantine:

  • Wake up, make breakfast, get in the car and drive to work
  • Spend at least 8 hours (if not more) in your office
  • During that day, you may commute to meetings, go out for lunch, have social pressures such as cake in the conference room for Karen's birthday, etc
  • Commute to the gym, home, restaurant, or wherever you go after work is over
  • Spend a little time with your family
  • Prep anything you need for the next day
  • Lay down to sleep and do it again

Frankly, it can get exhausting. Every single one of us has said the words, "if only I had some more time in my life, I'd accomplish XYZ." Well, guess what? You have that time right now!

You have plenty of time to meal prep or to cook fresh each day. Work days have become fluid. You don't have to commute - and if you want to join a gym, you can do it from the comfort of your couch. We've taken our entire program online, and are still adding clients currently who want to get in shape right now.

You have more freedom than at any other point in your adult life right now. Don't waste it.

There is no doubt that COVID is hitting the world hard. The silver lining in all of this is that for the first time potentially in many years, you have some free time. You cannot leave your house for obligations, even fun obligations like holidays and birthdays. What are you going to do with all of that extra time? Are you going to sit around on social media and go back to work when all of this ends the same as you were before? Or are you going to use this time to make a change you've always dreamt about. Personally, I'm working hard on living in the present moment and developing my mental health. I hope you have a goal and are tackling it now, as well. And if that goal is getting healthier, I'd love to talk with you.

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