Three Ways to Workout at Home Without Getting Bored

So, you and everyone you know is now working - and working out - at home. Between your local CrossFit box, CompTrain, and other various online training programs, you've been inundated with options to workout at home. The biggest challenges across the board? 1) The fact that working out by yourself is a heck of a lot more boring than working out with a group, 2) you don't have access to your usual equipment - if any at all - and 3) you are going to get very tired of burpees, lunges, air squats, and push ups. If this closure goes on for very long, you're going to eventually just need SOMETHING new. With that in mind, here are three ways to workout at home without getting bored.

Remember that home can mean the great outdoors, as well.

As much as I love working out at CrossFit boxes, both Summit and any that I may visit while traveling, the fact of the matter is we workout in similar environments all the time. What better time to get out and explore some new terrain than during this COVID-19 shutdown? CrossFit is built on the idea that you should give yourself a varied stimulus, so take that to heart and check out a local trail to run or hike. Not only will this give you a great workout, but studies have shown being outside for 30 minutes in the sun actually resets your sleep patterns leading to better recovery, and helps reduce stress. Both extremely important things as usual routines have been messed up, you're working from home and only leaving your house for essential items, and almost certainly going a bit stir crazy - not to even mention the economic stress being induced. So get outside and get some fresh air for your workout.

Make like McGyver.

Just because you don't have a barbell, pair of dumbbells, plyo box, or kettlebells laying around your house doesn't mean you don't have any equipment. If you have a backpack and some books, you have an extremely functional piece of exercise equipment. Here's a quick list of things you can do with a backpack loaded up with books, bottled water, or cement blocks:

  • 30-60 minute ruck
  • Weighted carries (overhead, suitcase, farmer)
  • Goblet squats
  • Sandbag cleans
  • Lunges
  • Weighted push ups

The list goes on and on. Treat that backpack like it is simultaneously a sandbag, kettlebell, dumbbell, and barbell. Load it heavier for movements such as squats and carries, and lighter for push ups and rucking. You'll be shocked by how good of a workout you get in with that one forgotten backpack gathering dust in your closet.

Engage with a community somehow, some way.

At Summit, we are ramping up our private Facebook group to foster as much community as we can. We'll be deploying Facebook live events, recorded at home workout classes, and a variety of nutrition and mindset programming to stay engaged with members and maintain community. If you don't have this sort of option, consider joining a group for a month so you don't lose that social interaction. Everyone is going to be cooped up for an unknown period of time, and maintaining some sense of social interaction is going to be so, so important for your overall mental and physical health. Don't forget you're not alone! If you happen to live alone, this is even more important.

If you don't have a community, please reach out to us. Being alone is the worst possible situation at a time like this, and we're developing online programs right now to help solve that problem.

Your mindset is EVERYTHING right now.

Basically, there are two camps to be in:

  1. Forget it, I'm scared and upset, and going to simply sit on my couch for two weeks
  2. I'm going to make the most of this situation

That's it. Those two groups are where people are falling. You're either choosing to let the situation own you and completely dominate your actions, or deciding to recognize what your current reality is, and then choosing to see only the positives. If you want a few, here are the ones that immediately come to mind:

  • Next time you travel, you are going to have so many ideas for workouts it won't even feel like a challenge
  • Many people no longer have work commutes - you can now spend that 15 minutes focusing on your mindset through a practice such as journalling, meditation, or prayer
  • For those with a family, how many times have you lamented being unable to spend more time with your spouse or kids? Congratulations, you now are able to be present with them

The list can go on and on. Can you make your own? You own your reaction to the COVID-19 shutdown. How you react will determine not only whether this becomes the moment your health goes away entirely, but your happiness over the course of the next few weeks, and potentially months. Set your mind to choose happiness and optimism.

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