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I'm always on our blog talking about the best way to live your healthiest life. How to get in shape, how to eat healthier, how to recover better, and how to improve your mindset. However, I'm not the only person inside of Summit's community that knows a thing or two about living a healthy life. Our members - many of them have been here two or three years; literally from day one - have picked up a few tips and tricks of their own along the way. I decided to ask some of these wonderful people for the their top tips for healthy living, and they didn't disappoint.

Jon just working hard, like always

Jon Dawson: Find a community to make it a habit

"Keeping up a healthy lifestyle - once you find the people to hold you accountable - isn’t something that is inherently hard to do. The community and camaraderie make it enjoyable to be working out, and without it being enjoyable it’s harder to stick to the plan, so you really need the enjoyment part. With that support, making it a habit is very easy."

Jon highlights something I talk about often: making your exercise plan into a habit makes it way easier to see results. At least 90% of your life is based on your habits, so if you can make exercising and eating correctly one of those habits, everything gets easier.

Hi. It me, KDan

Kristen Edens: Give yourself some grace

"I’ve learned it’s important to be gentle with myself both physically and mentally. Not every day/week/month will be my strongest and that’s okay. I’ve learned to say “no” when I need to and not feel guilty, but I’ve also learned that it’s equally as important, sometimes, to just show up even if I know it won’t be my best/strongest day."

Kristen drops some KNOWLEDGE in that quote above. Consistency is the secret sauce everyone is searching for. I know every year that I get more and more consistent with my actions - my workouts, my nutrition, my sleep and recovery, activities which work on my mental health - I make big leaps in my fitness. You don't expect yourself to be perfect in any area of your life, so why do you do it in the gym? Whatever your 100% is for that day, just show up and give it - you'll be better for doing so.

Evan straight flexin' on 'em

Evan Nisonson: Find your balance

"For me, healthy lifestyle is all about balance in every aspect. Working & resting. Intensity & endurance. The same is true for nutrition. And finally, it is true for where I invest myself – I need to spread my impact on my family life, work life, and spiritual life – to make me a balanced person."

What we do in the gym is meant to improve your life. Read that again. The gym is meant to improve your life. It is not meant to BE your life. We love that our members love coming to Summit - but the really fun part is getting to build this community and hear about everyone's wins, and to support them through their loses. Finding balance in how you approach your health is key for creating long term success. I know personally I have to have one morning where I don't go into the gym early. I spend that time quietly over a cup of coffee, doing a mental check. How am I feeling? What do I want to have happen today? Sure, I miss that morning of class, but I gain mental clarity and necessary balance - and then I always make it a priority for the end of my day, instead.

The Burpee Queen (aka KG) in her element

Kim Gomez: Community is motivation

"What keeps me motivated are the classes - I hate working out alone; if I know that my friends are suffering with me, then I’m more likely to push myself in workouts and keep coming to classes!"

Motivation wanes and waxes week to week, and sometimes even day to day. I know I experience this - and I bet you do, too. Having a class full of your friends helps to keep you accountable. Not only do you know you'll get a text asking you why you weren't there, but you'll make friends who you look forward to seeing each time you go into the gym for class.

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