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We're in the first full week of a new year, and with that time comes the normal list of New Year's resolutions - many of which center on getting in better shape. Thankfully, there are a ton of new year workout options for you to choose from given the popularity of fitness. This post will cover three workout options for you to try out as you kick off a new year focused on health and fitness: the Peloton bike, working out on your own, and working out at a fitness boutique such as an OrangeTheory Fitness, CrossFit box, or hyper-local gym.

In each section, there will be a quick outline of what that new year workout option is, and then the breakdown of positives and negatives, and who should strongly consider this option.

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New Year Workout Option 1: Peloton

Peloton went public in 2019, and has been a hugely successful fitness option for people since its onset. Peloton is a cycling program which is expanding into other offerings such as stretching and core workouts, as well. However, their main offer is a digitally delivered cycling class. Think SoulCycle if you had SoulCycle streamed into your house.

How do you start? To begin with Peloton you have to buy the stationary bike, and then subscribe to their digital classes on a monthly subscription. You will also want to buy some light dumbbells in the three to ten pound range.

Best parts of Peloton: The biggest benefit of Peloton is the flexibility of schedule. You can hop into a coach-led class at any time of day, and choose between various times for the class. Additionally, the instructors are motivating and encouraging throughout the class. Finally, the bike and accompanying screen are extremely high quality and you simply feel good during the experience.

Worst parts of Peloton: To begin, the Peloton is pricey. The bike is over $2,400 and the monthly subscription is $40. This is the equivalent price of going to a fitness boutique for over three years, in most scenarios. Also, this system is really designed for cycling. While there are a few rides with upper body included, the focus is definitely cycling which feels like the same thing over and over again. Finally, you aren't getting the benefits of an in-person community or instructor.

Who should use Peloton? If you're fortunate enough to have a Peloton store or studio in your city, go try it out a few times to help you decide before you bite the bullet and invest in the bike. In general, if you have a constantly changing schedule and don't live or work conveniently close to a fitness studio, the Peloton is an excellent choice. Additionally, if you like to workout by yourself but want to simply not have to think about what your workout is going to be each day, the Peloton may be perfect for you

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New Year Workout Option 2: Working out at home

This option is just as simple as it sounds: buying (or not buying) some equipment and working out at home. You make up your own workouts or follow one of the many free online programs and simply do whatever, whenever, with whatever equipment you have on hand or purchase.

Best parts of working out at home: Of course, the flexibility of this option is ideal. You want to workout at 5:00 am? Go for it. 10:00 pm? Hey, your house, your rules. Additionally, if you elect to buy equipment (and you almost certainly will want to do so) you now own that equipment, can bring it in your car when you travel, and after you pay that off fitness is free. Also, you become an expert in travel workouts because you have so much experience working out without the structure of a gym or instructor.

Worst parts of working out at home: First and foremost, you don't have a coach. Even following an online program you won't have anyone showing you proper form to keep you safe. Additionally, all workout success depends on consistency and when you workout alone you don't have anyone there to help motivate you to keep showing up. Finally, the cost can be prohibitive. Yes, you can run and do bodyweight exercises. This gets very boring after awhile, and you are also somewhat at the mercy of weather. Sure, you can run when it is -4 outside, but who wants to? Buying enough equipment to have your own home gym will cost at least $3,000 and could be significantly more. Plus, do you have the space for it? There are lots of questions to consider if you're going to be working out at home.

Who should workout at home? Home workouts are a great option if you and your spouse both want to workout, but have schedules which mean one of you needs to be home at all times. That could be a new child, pets, etc. which keep at least one of you at home. Having a home gym and making the investment makes a lot of sense when more than one person is going to use the equipment day in and day out. Additionally, if you really don't like being in groups, working out at home is a great option.

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New Year Workout Option 3: Fitness Studio

A fitness studio is the broadest category, and the one that micro-local gyms such as Summit fall into. This also includes OrangeTheory Fitness and other bootcamp styles such as F45. These locations are focused on group fitness with workouts programmed each day and led by qualified instructors. Also please note, this is a group of COMPLETELY DIFFERENT programs. OrangeTheory Fitness is not very similar to what is offered at Summit - you'll have a very different experience at Summit, at OrangeTheory, and at F45. Find what you like best.

Best parts of fitness studios: At micro-local gyms, the intention is that the workouts are written specifically for that community, so you're going to get the most unique program for you and your goals. Additionally, the community developed at these locations are great - you're working hard next to someone else, pushing yourself to be better, and a natural friendship forms. Finally, because you have a dedicated coach, you learn the proper form and don't have to suffer through the typical injuries associated with working out on your own.

Worst parts of fitness studios: You have to be able to fit the schedule for your location, and that can be frustrating when your schedule one week really throws you off. Additionally, these locations do not normally have the amenities of a big gym - or your house. You will have access to showers but you're probably not walking into a facility with a steam room and a sauna. Finally, you are choosing a particular fitness style when you choose a fitness studio, and depending on how that gym programs you may be bored by the repetition, similar to the challenge with Peloton.

Who should join a fitness studio? Obviously, Summit is a fitness studio so we believe this is the best option. However, not everyone is going to join a fitness studio and have a great experience. Those of you with the ability to make it to class consistently, who have a desire to be coached, and who want a community to help keep you accountable and consistent will love fitness studios. If you want to workout alone, this is the worst option for you. Additionally, if you simply cannot make the class times work, don't spend your hard-earned money or time here.

What is right for you?

There's really only one way to know which of the new year workout options is right for you and your goals - try it out! That is why at Summit you will find a free week trial with zero strings attached. This gives you a chance to know if this program, community, and location work with your life and schedule. Remember, consistency matters a ton when trying to reach a health and fitness goal and you have to want to come in order to be consistent. So try things out, and figure out the best option for you.

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