Top Three Reasons You Don’t See Fitness Results

I'm literally - as I type this - trying to think of the last time I saw anyone in the fitness space hold their hand up and say, "Here's who hasn't gotten great results at my gym." Obviously, that's because we all want all of you to believe that results shown in testimonials and before and after pics are the usual results. Thankfully, they're the majority of results, but not everyone who walks through our doors has immediate and remarkable transformations. Is this because they're lazy? Heck no. It's because fitness is part of your life - not all of your life - and you have kids, and jobs, and friends - you have LIFE. Here are the top three reasons you don't get results at a gym.

Reason #1: Your Schedule Sucks

First and foremost in any health routine is consistency. I talked about this in a prior post, but I would rather have you consistently eat healthy 70% of the time with 30% treats than make completely healthy choices from Monday morning to Friday night, and then binge from Saturday morning to Sunday night. The lack of consistency is a killer.

But it is rarely that you want to be inconsistent. Typically, it is a challenge outside of your immediate control which takes away your consistency. Your job schedule fluctuates regularly (we have a BUNCH of nurses and other medical professionals in our gym and they deal with insane schedules, which is why this comes to mind). Your kids are off school for the summer so now your normal routine is messed up. You have some fun travel and you break your regular habits, so getting back into the routine is just tougher.

Whatever the reason is, if you're not consistent, you will never see results. This is the number one reason why you don't see results. Consistent can mean a lot of things - work with your coach to define consistency for you and your goals.

Reason #2: Small Injuries

The next two reasons will play into reason number one. They lead to inconsistency, and inconsistency leads to no results. No results leads to quitting, and you're right back at the beginning.

Now, reason number two for not seeing results is picking up small injuries. These are not the hilarious-to-watch-but-scary-to-be-in fitness fail videos. You're not dropping a barbell on your head. You're not smashing your fingers between plates. That stuff doesn't happen. Small injuries are a really tight quad which leads to discomfort in your knee. Or tight calves from running which makes you feel uncomfortable walking around the next day. They are tight shoulders which make you wonder if you pulled a muscle.

Small injuries can be solved by mobility almost every time. If you're at a gym with a coach - I would bet any gym with any coach - they can show you how to address your discomfort and make you feel better. Here's the trick: you still have to show up to the gym, or get in contact with your coach. Small injuries only lead to inconsistency (and remember, inconsistency means no results) because you decide that a day off is what you need and that day turns into a week, month, six months, and a year. Show up and see if your coach is actually qualified to be your coach. By the way, the best ones will refer you out when they can't help because it's a bigger injury than just a tight muscle or impinged joint.

Reason #3: You Took on Too Much

Here's the standard schedule for people like you looking for a gym:

  • Wake up (way earlier than you'd prefer) and get yourself and/or your family (yes, this includes animals - they're family too) ready for the day
  • Rush out of the door after maybe eating breakfast
  • Work your face off for eight to twelve hours
  • You rush to the gym (if you've found one) and get in an hour of movement
  • You run home and make dinner
  • Get yourself and/or your family ready for bed and pass out from another crazy day
  • Rinse, wash, repeat

So, given that we're all insanely busy, why would we add another huge amount of stress to your daily life? The answer is that a good program shouldn't add stress. It should help to eliminate it. Not every single person needs to go from zero workouts to daily workouts. Sure, many of you want that, but is smart? Depends on the situation, but I'd argue that starting with the minimum amount needed to see an improvement is a better option.

While most of our members end up on unlimited memberships, more than half of them begin with three times per week - because they haven't worked out formally before, and getting into a new community, workout style, and overall routine takes time. Some people come from athletic backgrounds and jump right into unlimited passes, but I'm not out here trying to guess at what's right for you. It takes an assessment of your life as a whole and understanding where fitness fits in - not the other way around.

Your lack of results aren't your fault.

Way too often you're told - by the media, by influencers on social media, and by fitness professionals - that you aren't getting results because you're lazy or lack will power. Both are completely wrong. You have all the tools needed to see all the results you're looking for from your health and fitness plan. What you need is a guide (read: coach) to help take you from where you're at to where you want to be. So, when you go looking for one, be sure they aren't guiding you into these three traps. Keep the focus on consistency, and start small.

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