Weight Loss Program: How CrossFit Helps You Lose Weight

It has been very trendy lately to talk about fat loss more than weight loss - and I understand why. Fat loss implies that you're loosing bad weight while retaining muscle a.k.a. good weight. However, losing strictly body fat is an extremely challenging thing to do. It requires a lot of attention to your nutrition, a lot of time in the gym, and for many of us is simply more difficult than can effective. We can simplify things by focusing on a quality weight loss program. Combining a weight loss program with a functional and attainable exercise regimen will automatically prioritize retaining muscle and losing body fat. This isn't rocket science - so don't make it so stressful and hard.


CrossFit training is more of a lifestyle than a workout program. It is a lifestyle focused on community, nutrition, and fitness. At the base of the CrossFit box methodology is nutrition. If you cannot get your nutrition in order, you will simply never lose weight. And make no mistake: being overweight is the number one precursor to lifestyle diseases such as heart disease and cancer.

If we're going to beat those diseases and kick ass into our 90's (which I think we all want, right?) we're going to need to keep our weight at a healthy level. For some of you, that means maintaining your weight. For many others, it requires weight loss, and weight loss needs two things: good nutrition and functional exercise.


Way too often I hear people talk down to themselves about needing to lose weight.

"I just really have let myself go. I had too much fun and now I have to lose weight."

"I'm just fat - it's embarrassing."

These are lines I hear. For nearly all of these people, gaining weight wasn't a by-product of them sitting on the couch eating cookies all day. They have had kids, careers, and life events taking number one priority. Maybe taking priority number one, two, and three. Guess what? That's okay, and it's okay if you're in your 30's, 40's, or 50's and have decided to make your health a priority again. The question is simply, so what - now what? So, you got out of shape. Your health faltered. You need to lose weight to be healthy. Now what?


When a new member comes to Summit and says their goal is weight loss, we are going to focus on two areas: nutrition and movement. Nothing revolutionary here, to be honest. Your doctor has probably told you countless times to move more and eat less. But they've never given you a system nor an environment in which to make those things a reality.

The first thing we will do with you at Summit is help you evaluate if you need formal nutrition coaching. We offer nutrition coaching, but we also offer simple steps you can take lose weight through blogs, videos, and tips in class. If you follow along to those, pay attention to the content we produce, and follow your check ins with your coach your nutrition will naturally improve. At the end of the day, it isn't a difficult concept. Eat meats and vegetables, nuts and seeds, fruit, some whole grains, and avoid all added sugar. In practice (like when you're out with your friends on Friday night) it is harder to follow, but shooting for a simple 80% goal focused, 20% whatever you want in the moment, with your nutrition is going to give you amazing results. As long as you do step two.

The second thing we're going to help you understand is how many days per week you should be in our CrossFit box. In a perfect world, you would spend time in the box every day; some days you would push yourself with a very challenging workout, other days would be lighter and more focused on mobility and controlled strength. However, life is very rarely ideal. After working through your schedule and life priorities (because life happens outside of the gym) we'll determine how many days make sense for you to make it into the box and complete a CrossFit workout with us. On days you're not here, you may have some homework, such as a mobility program, so don't get too comfortable!


CrossFit works for weight loss because it provides structure for the two things determining if you'll lose weight or gain weight, nutrition and exercise. Your doctor isn't wrong when he or she says you need to eat less and move more. Caloric balance is what determines if you gain or lose weight - eating more calories than you burn equals weight gain, eating fewer calories than you burn equals weight loss. The issue is you haven't been shown or told how to actually make that a reality. This simple weight loss program takes the guess work out of it, and gives you consistent, repeatable results.

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