CrossFit Workout 4-8-17: WOD for Julie

Hero WOD "WOD for Julie"

-BUY-IN 1/2 Mile Run (with Medball 20/14)
-then- 4 Rounds for time:
- 4 Farmers Carry (50 meters) 53/35
- 13 Push Jerks 135/95
- 14 Abmat Situps to a wall target 5'/4' with Medball 20/14
-CASH-OUT 1/2 Mile Run (with Medball 20/14)

**Remember - this is an OPEN community event. Anyone is welcome to come support a great cause - the fight for Colon Cancer. Wear your blue! See you tomorrow!
--- Note: we will have modifications programmed for ALL movements!

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