CrossFit WOD 12-29-16

Today is two WODs, one as a technique focus, and one just meant to make you feel what sprinting feels like, again. Today is meant to be a completely different stimulus from yesterday. If you find that you're feeling as you did during Filthy Fifty, we need to scale something more.

WOD 1: EMOM 12

  • Odd: Back Squat x 10 (40-50%) - meant to be light
  • Even: Handstand Push Up x 5 - if possible, do deficit HSPUs
    • Scale to deficit push ups, or L Sit Handstands on a box

WOD 2: 21 - 15 - 9 

  • Pull Ups
  • American Swing (53/35)
  • Abmat Sit Up

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